Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Party that Never Was Now Will Be!

Remember how I mentioned that Christmas Party that I intended on hosting at first? Then I got grounded because my mom hates technology almost as much as she does fantasy? Well, before I have my "last day", I wanna host this! And I really hope I don't miss my own event as I have been doing the past couple of events-

This was the one in the past-

A big difference... kinda.

Well, anyways- I hope to see you there! Because it just may be the last event I'm in... because the odds of me quitting do seem likely at this rate. However, to those who actually do take the time to read this- here's the deal, one of the reasons I'm quitting soon is because there's NOTHING Wizards related to BLOG about. But if I just so happen to get a gift card or something, or enough money- I'll see if I can continue this. So there's a chance that I may continue- take this quote for example:

"There is always a chance of something happening or someone being something. Sometimes it may not be very great, but there's always a chance. The choice is whether or not to expand that chance."  
          - Nicholas Ashwielder, TNM Part 9

Yeah, I guess I'm the author of that.

Well, see ya! And


Da Seagem

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  1. Drat, I don't think I can come (family visiting) :/. Hopefully I can take the laptop, and just maybe I won't be busy at the time... but I doubt it. Oh well, will still try, Merry Christmas again :) (finally read TNM too and it was great! Hope you get Part 8 in soon :D)