Thursday, December 16, 2010

Leave No Stone Unturned....

About the last post... I was serious. I am quitting blogging soon- either that, or a VERY long break.
Anyways, I've been listening "If Today Was Your Last Day" a lot lately. Part of the lyrics is Leave No Stone Unturned.
So before I go, I may as well tie up some loose ends. I definately have to finish TNM. And all rumors about a second TNM.... they were true... at first. Now I look back and see how much time I commited to Necromancer's Matter. I really don't know if I can do a sequel anymore- I really need to move onto new projects. Ideas are coming at me left and right, and I just... I can't make another Wizard101 fanfic commitment. The Drakes may go unfinished. Mage and Warlock will go unfinished.
Second- this may as well last through the WHOLE of 2010. I'll probably lay down my arms in 2011. I'm sorry- it's just- I can't afford Wizard101 anymore. It's, quite frankly, that or my literacy self. I may log on there from time to time, but I'll mostly not be on anymore.
Third- for those who've been reading this almost as long as this has been up, remember the attempted Christmas Party in 2009 and then Cody and I got grounded until Christmas? Well, I'm kinda hoping to make that happen, to fulfill that, I guess.
So those are the things I want to do before I go. Because this isn't an "Omigosh my life sucks eggs and I want to quit I hate everything around me!!!" This is an "I'm kinda unsure about this and I want to take action about it before it grows out of hand."

-Da Seagem


  1. Sorry to hear so. Maybe you could ask for Crowns for Christmas if you can, so you could afford W101. Nobody is pressuring you to do anything here, so feel free to take a break if you want :) but we really will miss you if you decide to go. TNM seems so long I haven't gotten around to reading it yet xD but that just shows how good you must be as an author. I have a ton of stuff to do in-game, on my blog and IRL a bit so I know what you mean. Anyways, Merry Christmas!

  2. that kinda sucks hmmmm?i hope you are happy with whatever you do.i cant wait for you to finish up tnm, but first i will have to search your post for the parts from the last few months.

    Brandon WinterFinder level 33 Conjuer
    P.S.i am developing my story, the Seven Protecters of Magic.hope ya get to read it.